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Faith at Home, September 2020

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Dear Families-

Thank you for participating in our first fall 2020 Faith-at-Home formation project. Your Faith-at-Home kit will be delivered to your front porch sometime this week. My hope is that through the stories, activities, and songs presented in the kits, your family will be able to grow closer with each other in faith.

If you do not have a Bible at home, please let me know. We will get you one so your family can read the stories together! If you would like to use a Whirl Story Bible from church, just let me know. Also, I highly recommend the Children of God Storybook Bible by Archbishop Desmond Tutu for your at-home library.

I will post links to activities, music, and videos on the church website. Our children’s section of the website is a work in progress, so bear with us as we put it together! If possible, find ways to listen to the music with your children often. Whether it’s in the car, after dinner, or on the weekends, make our church songs a regular part of your home life.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, faith formation should not feel like a chore! Listen to songs, watch videos, make crafts, talk about your own thoughts and experiences with your children. Just like the seed activity in our September formation kit, we are planting seeds of faith in our time with our children. Nourish those seeds, learn alongside your children, and enjoy.

If you need any assistance or resources, feel free to reach out to me.

We will have a ZOOM Show-and-Tell on Sunday, September 27. I will send the ZOOM link via email closer to that date!

Enjoy exploring your faith with your family.

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