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Spiritual treasure can be defined by the holy moments that shape the journey of our lives. Discover your own spiritual treasures with us!

On September 12th, the Exploring Spiritual Treasure class begins a new semester.

If you are new to this parish, curious about the Episcopal Church, or eager to know more about how the Christian tradition can help shape your life, this class is for you! The class will meet from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings in Gerhart Hall.

We will be discussing presentations prepared by Heavenly Rest clergy and members of this church community.

Please contact Mother Corrie Cabes (ccabes@heavenlyrestabilene.org) if you are interested in participating in the class or have any questions. High school students are also welcome to join.

If you are looking to find community, we look forward to having you!



FALL 2021



Sept 12  Introduction & Vision – Purpose of Classes.  Church, Repository of Grace (David Romanik) - WATCH

Sept 19  Spiritual Treasure Resulting from Grace, Stored in the Soul – Faith Sharing (Corrie Cabes) - WATCH

Sept 26  Holy Baptism – Christian Initiation into Life's Purpose & Journey (Amanda Watson) - WATCH

Oct  3   Stewardship – Spiritual Treasure - For Self-Development & Benefit of Others  (Lee Hampton) - WATCH

Oct 10  Holy Eucharist – Communal Nurture of Spiritual Nourishment for Christian Community, Identify, & Mission (Ashley Colley, seminarian) - WATCH

Oct 17  Holy Scripture – God's Love Story with Creation, Origins of Spiritual Treasure (Susan Pigott) - WATCH

Oct 24  Worship – Connecting Tradition & Present, Divine & Human (Kristin Ward) - WATCH

Oct 31  The Church Triumphant: Spiritual Treasure across Time and Space (All Saints') (Caddie Coupe) - WATCH




Nov  7 – Prayer – Focus on  God's Presence (Yvonne Batts) - WATCH

Nov 14 – Perfecting God's Praises - The Role of Music in Nurturing Spiritual Treasure (Jesse Ratcliffe) - WATCH 

Nov 21 – The Church Year – Using the Calendar to Accentuate the Spiritual Treasure (Darryl Tippens) - WATCH

Nov 28 – No Class because of the Thanksgiving Break

Dec  5  -  Confession & Liberation – The Role of Penitence in Building Spiritual     Treasure (Jon Camp)

Dec  12 – The Power of the Incarnation – (And the Word became Flesh) Source &     Guidance for Spiritual Treasure (David Romanik)

Dec 19 - Signs of the Transcendent in Church Architecture (Nolan Kelley)

Dec 27  & Jan 2 – No Class over Christmas Break

Jan 9  The Apostles Teaching & Fellowship – Role of the Bishop (Bishop Payne)

Jan 12 (Wednesday) Confirmation

Jan 16 Mission – Participating in Ministry (Kathy Balch/Karen Boyd)