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This has been a year of significant grief and loss, but it has also been a time when we have had a unique opportunity to reflect on what is most important to us. Many of us have realized that there are few places more important to us than the Church of the Heavenly Rest. As we enter the season when we begin to plan our parish budget for the coming year, we invite you to reflect on how this place helped you move through an unprecedented time in our lives and in the life of the world. We also ask you to consider what kind of financial commitment you would like to make to this parish for the coming year. We would not be able to do the work God has called us to do without your generosity. Over the coming weeks, members of our Stewardship Committee will be contacting you to invite you to reflect on how you would like to participate in the life of this parish community. We pray that you will take the time to explore how you might contribute to this dwelling place of God.


Please expect a call from one of the members of our Stewardship Committee: Connie Collier, Jay Hardaway, Nancy Estes, Inger Nordby, Kathy Balch, Lee Hampton, Jim Fitzhugh, Harry Hurt, Scott Fletcher, Gerry Lawler, Susie Rockett, Steve Strain, Sue McWilliams, David Romanik, Sam Cutbirth, Judy Godfrey, Rick Willis

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