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Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

ECW is a national organization of the Episcopal Church. Heavenly Rest has always had an ECW ministry, but some years have been more active than others. In the past, monthly meetings and lunches were held. In more recent years, there have been a couple of meetings a year with a project focus. Most recently, ECW has collected diapers for the Baby Room (St. Mark’s ministry), personal hygiene items for distribution through Hands-On Outreach and preparing packets for Bowie students to use during state testing sessions. A very special meeting was led by Cheryl Niblo and Elizabeth Wallace on the art of creating charcuterie boards. As you can imagine, it was instructional and delicious.

ECW offers a wonderful opportunity for fellowship among multigenerational members of the parish. All women of the church are automatic members! No sign up necessary. Recently, we have met on Sunday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. at the church.

There is a tremendous need for someone to head this ministry and help it be more active. The women of the church have so many talents to share. It would be wonderful if an ECW meeting could be scheduled quarterly and involve as many as possible.

If this sounds like a ministry that calls to your heart, please contact the church office at

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