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Your Vestry at work: Under construction

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

by Rick Willis

As Junior Warden, I am head of the Building and Grounds committee.

While much of the work we do is not considered glamorous, the work of this committee is still very important.

One such example is the replacement of two air conditioning units in the Parish House. Although you do not readily notice them, you would certainly notice if they were not working!

Another project some might not notice is the waterproofing of the church offices. This was a multi-step process that included removal of the stones on the Terrace between the Chapel and the Cloister, waterproofing and re-sealing the area and replacing the stones and steps.

Additionally, two of the flowerbeds by the office were removed and filled in with concrete and artificial turf was added to complete the project.

These projects were possible because of work provided Bill Burger our forensic architect and Chamberlin Waterproofing out of Dallas. The masonry work was through Jeff Luther Construction.

St. Mark's Columbarium

A project you will definitely notice is the placement of St. Mark’s Columbarium on the Heavenly Rest Campus. This was done with the aid of Lance Johnson Construction. Located just inside the double doors off the portion of the courtyard, the St. Mark’s Columbarium has been lovingly placed in a serene spot.

A bench from the original Church was added to sit, reflect, and remember.

These are just some of the things we do as a committee, and I am sure with continued growth and support more will be forthcoming.

Bovard Studio Inc. finished our stained glass window project at the end of July. The front cover of this newsletter shows the complete restoration of The Great West Window.

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