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Updated: Mar 12

The Heavenly Rest StreamTeam was created during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person church services were cancelled due to the rapid spread of the virus. Our very first stream was from the back of the Nave with an iPhone secured on top of a tripod. It eventually grew into a two-camera production, controlled by a single operator. In 2021, we endeavored to expand this project with the help of our Communications Department and Earsight Design. We have now moved into the bell tower to continue serving our online ministry, streaming our weekly services to an international congregation.

The upgrades to our livestream broadcast equipment debuted during Holy Week on Palm Sunday 2022. With diligent work of Earsight Design, we have added three camera positions, graphics, and new audio techniques to enhance our efforts of capturing and sharing our intricate liturgies.

With the expanded capabilities, we are in need of volunteers to help with audio, video, graphics, and social media. Volunteers are typically needed once a month, but may volunteer more regularly. If you are interested in learning about our production and would like to serve with our StreamTeam ministry, please contact Bill Young at

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