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Rule of Life

by Karen Boyd

For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven

– Ecclesiastes 3:1

All of creation has a rhythm. The sun rises and sun sets. The seasons follow each other as the year turns. The grain grows, turns to seed and dies.

We too have a rhythm, a Rule of Life. We may not have set hours to create this rule, but we organize our lives in order to create purpose and order. Most of us wake each morning, eat often at the same times. We work, we study, we spend time with family and friends. We pray and come together for worship … or at least we did prior to the pandemic when many of us had our rhythms interrupted. By now we have created new rules, found ways of being that makes sense in this new world.

Saint Benedict (c. 480-547) established a monastery at Monte Cassino, just outside Rome, Italy. He created rules that allowed those living the monastic life to keep a rhythm of liturgy, prayer, and service to others.

I invite you to consider prayerfully where God is calling you, and to create intentional space to follow where he is leading you. Spending time each day in prayer should be the cornerstone of our spiritual lives. Sister Brigit-Carol is still gathering people for Contemplative Prayer via zoom. Reading scripture each day is God’s word to us and feeds our souls. You might consider adding Lectio Divina to your Rule of Life, where prayer and reflection become a part of your daily scripture reading. While our regular worship schedule has, by necessity, been put on hold, some of us are able to gather for morning prayer each Sunday in our courtyard. The internet allows many more of us to gather virtually for Sunday worship, and we are blessed to be able to virtually join for Morning Prayer each weekday morning. The Daily Offices found in The Book of Common Prayer are also beautiful ways to spend time with God throughout the day.

There are many ways to write your own Rule of Life. Spend some time with God each day in quiet. There is no need to speak, just be. When we listen for the Holy Spirit and allow God to guide us, we receive the fruit and the gifts of God. And when we seek God in all we do, we live for the glory of God and live into His kingdom.


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