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HRKids: Fall Faith Formation

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

by Mitsi Willard

Our Back-to-School Blessing on August 16 was a huge success. So many families and children showed up (safely and responsibly) on the courtyard that evening to receive the blessing of prayer from our clergy, the blessing of masks from our quilting guild, and the blessing of being physically present at Heavenly Rest after months of staying away. It was refreshing, despite the heat.

Our church's families are returning to school in many different forms; some are attending in-person, some virtually, and some homeschooling. Each decision has its benefits and drawbacks, and every single one of our families undoubtedly covets the prayers of our congregation.

Five months ago when I wrote about "Faith at Home," I had no idea it would become a mantra for the rest of the year. But 2020 had other ideas. Preparing faith formation classes for the fall is--like all of 2020--filled with uncertainty. Can we meet in person? Should we meet in person? How do we best equip families for the unknown? This year has required creativity in all things, and our faith formation classes are no exception.

For the fall, we will offer "Faith at Home Kits" to anyone interested. Each month's kit will contain some Bible stories, crafts, and resources for music and videos for children and adults. The overall theme for our fall kits will be, "How do we respond faithfully to God's faithfulness?" In September, we will consider what it means to be faithful, and how people of the Bible demonstrated their faith. In October, we will take on the theme of care, and how our faith asks us to care for our world and each other. In November, we will consider how our faith inspires us to serve others. Many of each month's activities and resources will be available electronically.

Tentative plans are being made for some in-person gatherings for students in 3rd grade and up. I will gladly share details once we determine the best ways for our children and youth to gather this fall.

If you would like to take part in "Faith at Home Kits" or potential in-person gatherings, please contact me at


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