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Farewell to April Powers

After six years of faithful service, April Powers has stepped down from her position of Parish Accountant at the Church of the Heavenly Rest.

During her tenure, April served this parish in a variety of capacities. She helped to manage the finances of the church, the Thrift House, and the Church Foundation. In the absence of a Parish Administrator, she ensured that our facilities were kept safe, serviceable, and beautiful. She facilitated the transition through two interim rectors, and made sure that nothing fell through the cracks. In all of these responsibilities, April demonstrated diligence, tenacity, and a deep love for this parish and its people. For her part, April expressed appreciation for the ways she has grown, the support she has received, and the things she has learned during her time at Heavenly Rest. We will miss having her on the staff.

April has taken a new position at Barr Commercial Roofing Services in Abilene. A small consolation of her departure is that we will have the opportunity to interact with her whenever our roof is in need of attention! April begins this new venture with our gratitude for her service to Heavenly Rest and our best wishes for her future success. April’s last official day with us was Christmas Day.

We are actively searching for April’s successor, and have already received a number of promising applications. If you know anyone who might be interested in serving as our Parish Accountant, please contact David Romanik.


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