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Columbarium Watering & Maintenance Committee

The Columbarium Watering & Maintenance Committee has been has been caring for our beautiful Columbarium for 10+ years. This group was created to water and care for the plants in the pots and in the planters in the Columbarium.

Currently fifteen people take one time a month to hand water the Columbarium plants and pots. We water three times each week from May to October and twice a week in the cooler months. When planting or maintenance is needed anyone who wishes may volunteer. Helpers are always needed in this peaceful garden.

The members of this committee are responsible for watering one day a month which takes about 30 minutes. Time spent in the Columbarium is a peaceful contemplative time, and the person whose day it is may water on their own schedule. As a committee we usually meet socially one time in the summer, and one time later in the year to sign up for a day to water in the coming year. Planting and maintenance take place usually one or two times a year. Everyone is welcome to take part in this. No special skills are needed.

Contact the church office for more information at

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