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Bowie Elementary Ministry

Bowie Elementary School serves the community that surrounds Heavenly Rest. Six years ago, it was brought to the parish’s attention the needs of that campus. Over 85% of the children served at Bowie meet the economically disadvantaged standard and the homeless student population continues to grow. Heavenly Rest reached out to Bowie to ask about ways that the church could help support its students. Out of these discussions, the idea of creating reward parties for fourth grade students who met teacher created standards began.

For the last five years, each six weeks fun activities have been created for the students who qualify. The students were even treated to a visit to Heavenly Rest – always a highlight for the students. Pre-COVID, Heavenly Rest members were able to go to the classrooms and interact with the students while providing the parties. The students gave us the name – Heavenly Rest Angels. We were able to establish relationships with the students and personally encourage them to continue to work hard at school and home. These students in turn encouraged their classmates to be able to attend the parties.

During COVID, we were unable to go on campus, but we continued to provide the reward parties. Our prayer is that we will be able to go back to campus during the 2022-2023 school year. Time commitment is about one hour every six weeks. A volunteer does not have to be available every six weeks.

If you would like to become a Heavenly Rest Angel at Bowie, please contact the church office at


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