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A look back: Vacation Bible School

by Carol Ann Weston

Heavenly Rest’s first Family Vacation Bible School in June was a wonderful experience, thanks to our great planning team and many volunteers and staff. We had 13 families and 6 family groups (for children who came without adults) made up of 55 children and youth and 29 adults. In addition, we had 1 youth and 12 adult leaders. Attendance grew from 82 on Monday to 93 on Wednesday. It was awesome to have such a diverse group of people – from 2-year-olds through grandparents, from morning and afternoon congregations, St. John’s, and the neighborhood. Here is a note from one family:

“Thank you so much for a terrific VBS. (My teens) and I really enjoyed it. I appreciated so many things about it: that people from the church – including teens – helped plan it; the simple, but memorable, themes that included both Scripture and songs; the way it tied into CALF but was still focused on Jesus; and how it was all designed for families to participate. I have been a part of many Vacation Bible Schools, and I think this was one of the best! I also like that it was not flashy with a lot of pre-packaged decorations, crafts, and trinkets that many churches use now. Straightforward and clear, so nice!”

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