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Christmas Memorials

“Those who rejoice with us, but upon another shore and in a greater light…”
The Christmas flowers, music, and worship are given to the glory of God and...

in loving memory of Robert Bein from Evelyn Bein 

in loving memory of Col. H.L. (Buddy) Brame from Beckie Brame  

in loving memory of Ruth Ann from Tom Choate

in loving memory of Dell Warren from Connie Collier 

in loving memory of Austin Denny, Gerri and Bruce Denny, Margaret and Raleigh Brown from Julie & Mike Denny 

in loving memory of Vivienne Hurt from Debbie & Harry Hurt

in loving memory of Wayne A. Jepson from Viola Jepson

in loving memory of H. Glenn McWilliams, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. McWilliams, Mr. and Mrs. Bob J. Morris, and Sharon McCleskey Wylie from Sue Morris McWillliams

in loving memory of Joy from Jack Ramsey 

n loving memory of Chandra Dawn Sheffield from Frank Sheffield

in loving memory of Hallie Taylor and Bonnie Smith from Linda & Charles Taylor

in loving memory of  Lonnie Baldridge from Kitty Thomas 

in thanksgiving of Family and Friends—those among us and those we see no more from Jackie Batjer

in thanksgiving of Family & Friends from Evelyn Bein

n thanksgiving of Haley, Scott, and Kate Dettra from Connie Collier

in thanksgiving from Lisa Goolsby 

in thanksgiving of Father David from Gary Griffin

in thanksgiving of children, grandchildren and Heavenly Rest from Nolan and Sharon Kelley

in thanksgiving of Mr. & Mrs. Dru Hall,  Mr. Jakeb Hall & Kennedy, and Ms. Jenna Hall from Nancy and John Nichols

in thanksgiving from Robert Peterson 

in thanksgiving of our family, friends and our church from Steve and Rosemary Suttle

in thanksgiving of Walker & Lyle Luskey from Linda & Charles Taylor

in thanksgiving of Aiden, Thea, Anna, Cooper Kennedy from Dick Veigal 

in thanksgivingfrom Gay Ann & Charles Walts

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