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The Bible as Library

An old joke suggests that the word “Bible” is an acronym that stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” The problem with this comment (apart from the fact that “Bible” is most certainly not an acronym) is that there is very little in the way of instruction in the Bible, “leaving earth” is not mentioned anywhere, and there is little about the Bible that can be described as “basic”.

What, then, is the Bible? It is a collection of ancient books that Christians believe reveal something essential about the character of God and the nature of the human experience. Indeed, in some ways, saying “the Bible says…” is tantamount to saying “the library says…”

What does treating the Bible as a library mean for our faith? We are going to explore this question on Wednesday evenings in October and November. This series will begin on Wednesday, October 19, when Dr. Brad East, professor of theology at Abilene Christian University, will offer a presentation entitled “The Work of God in the Word of God.”

Presentations will take place at 6:30 after Wednesday night supper. We hope you will join us.


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