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Spiritual Superpowers

by Amanda Watson

I love picking up my grandson from school and taking him home. Those rides provide glorious moments for “just us” time—simply, time for him and me. He has the propensity of always asking me difficult questions. For instance, he asked once, “Grandma, if you had a superpower what would your power be?” Being the quick witted person that I am, I had no brilliant retort, one of those times thinking “just don’t make eye contact.” Giving up on his quick witted Grandma, he asked an easier question, “If you were an insect what insect would you be?” Realizing that I was losing favor, I said, “a ladybug.” We spent the remainder of the time discussing the pros and cons of being a ladybug, surprisingly a very interesting and thoughtful discussion.

After leaving him at his house, I thought, superpower? What would I ask for if I could receive any superpower my heart desired? Superman, you remember, is faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! But the superpower that I would want is the power of X-ray vision. Now, there is great advantage to be able to see through walls but one must be aware of the danger of seeing through things. This is definitely a power that must be exercised with great discretion. But, x-ray vision, the ability to have eyes that see; eyes to see into the heart of soul of another person-- that’s the power I would want.

Perhaps, God through Jesus Christ has already given each of us the superpower of x-ray vision. God, through Jesus Christ, has given each of us the power to see through love. If we use our superpower of love, what happens? We see each other and extend the benefit of the doubt—we first assume that the other is good. We first extend an opportunity to understand, to listen, to see and consider their point of view, and to allow for the exchange of ideas. Being fully aware that to see and understand is not an opportunity to allow the continuation of injustice, rather as an opportunity end the injustice. To begin to see a path where grace and understanding lead the way.

My thoughts bring considerations; no answers, just more questions. Our hope is in Jesus Christ, who invited us to seek and in seeking you will find. In the seeking we find God and trust that all will be well.

I have been so concerned as to why we hate and fear. I am firmly convinced that it is because we cannot see into another person and see the pain, loss and fear. I often ask in my prayers to see as God sees. For me that is x-ray vision. Jesus has given us this superpower: to love one another. To love is to allow the other person presumption of goodness.—to give the benefit of doubt, to hear their story. To let go of the lens through which we see - our background, our life influences. Their life does not look like my life. Maybe they were more affluent than I. Or maybe they were from a desperate position in life. Who were their mentors? What example did they receive as a way of life?

God has already given us eyes to see and ears to hear. He has given us Jesus Christ - “follow me and I will give you life more abundantly.” Die to self and live in Christ. Die to self, give up everything that I have learned and relearn everything through the eyes of Jesus Christ. To take Jesus into our hearts is to live as Christ lived. Healers that welcome all.

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