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Lessons Learned From Quarantine

by Karen Boyd

Possibly my favorite meme showing up during this time of isolation says “I think that when the dust settles we will realize how very little we need, how very much we actually have and the true value of human connection.”

Grocery stores with empty shelves felt like I couldn’t possibly still be in the United States. How very used we all were to the endless aisles stocked with almost whatever we wished for. Opening up bags of groceries sometimes felt like Christmas morning and wondering what I might find inside. We learned to ‘make do’. Many of us learned new skills, baking bread, new math, and Zoom. I think though, that the lesson I learned that I value the most and intend to carry forward into whatever the new normal in our world ends up to be, is the incredible value of human connection.

Within the first week of physical isolation some of the staff, vestry and some others were asked to take Shepherding Groups. The directory was divided up as we were asked to call on our fellow parishioners to make sure everyone in our parish community had what they needed. We also wanted to make sure everyone knew that even though we were not having in-person worship, that we would be live streaming our services.

I began calling, emailing, and writing notes. I began conversations with good friends and with some I have only met in passing, or have never met. I have learned about children and parents, about interests and talents. I have made real connections. And then, I started calling people who’s name or face came to mind. And I’m still calling.

I don’t know how much longer we will be physically distancing. Everyone of us has different reasons to stay at home or not. Everyone has a different risk tolerance. I hope to keep calling and I hope those I call will have a few moments to chat. I would like to invite all of you to reach out, call or email or write a note to those who cross your mind. I so appreciate this wonderful opportunity I have had to get to know some of you better and I hope to know many more of you soon. God created us to be in community. I believe one silver lining of this terrible pandemic could be us reaching out and really connecting with each other.

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I love getting to read the latest posts! I was trying to comment on each one... Anyway, I know I am so blessed with our family at CHR... And during the time when we haven’t been able to be together, it has been so helpful to connect through the website and on FB and through Zoom meetings. It is different, and just as meaningful as being together face to face. I look forward to seeing your faces at church soon. I love Heavenly Rest!! —- 💚🙏🏻😷 Kitty Thomas

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