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Holy Week at Heavenly Rest

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Since the earliest days of the Church, Christians have marked the days of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection with special devotions. As early as the second century, pilgrims from around the world gathered in Jerusalem to walk the same steps Jesus walked during the final week of his earthly life. Over the centuries, these devotions evolved into the Holy Week services that represent the high point of the Christian year.

In this unusual and uncertain time, we will not be able to observe Holy Week as we have in previous years. Nevertheless, as we have seen before, the practices of the Church evolve as circumstances change. This year, our pilgrimage will be virtual, and we will gather together in spirit, if not body. We will continue to hold Holy Week services at Heavenly Rest, and we invite and encourage you to participate from afar. Unless otherwise noted, all liturgies will be broadcast via Facebook Live and at We hope you will walk the way of the cross with us at Heavenly Rest.

Saturday before Holy Week - April 4th

10:30 am - The Liturgy of the Palms (Courtyard)

Palms will be available to pick up in the Courtyard until 5:00 pm. When picking up palms, please maintain appropriate physical distance (at least six feet) and ensure that there are no more than ten people in the Courtyard at a time.

Palm Sunday/The Sunday of the Passion - April 5th

10:30 am - The Liturgy of the Passion (Nave)

Holy Monday - April 6th

8:30 am - Morning Prayer (Chapel)

Holy Tuesday - April 7th

8:30 am - Morning Prayer (Chapel)

Holy Wednesday - April 8th

8:30 am - Morning Prayer (Chapel)

Maundy Thursday - April 9th

8:30 am - Morning Prayer (Chapel)

“Maundy Thursday at Home”

There will be no liturgy at Heavenly Rest this evening. We will be sending out a guide for observing Maundy Thursday in the home, along with musical resources from some Heavenly Rest voices.

Good Friday - April 10th

12:00 pm - Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday (Nave)

Holy Saturday - April 11th

9:00 am - Holy Saturday Liturgy (Chapel)

7:30 pm - Great Vigil of Easter (Columbarium, Baptistery, Nave)

Easter Day - April 12th

10:30 am - Holy Eucharist (Nave)

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1 Comment

Nellie, we are delighted that you and George chose Heavenly Rest. We old people love having young, vibrant members. I look forward to seeing you when we are not under quarantine. God be with you.

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