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Creation Care: Wednesday nights during Eastertide

In the beginning, things were “very good.” Part of what God saw as very good was the relationship between humanity and the rest of creation. Sadly, as Genesis tells the story, part of what broke in Genesis 3 is that same relationship. For the early Church, the idea that God is working to repair that relationship was central to our hope in Christ.

Creation has become a political issue in our polarized times, another litmus test to show who’s on what side of a political divide. Our faith, however, suggests that humanity’s relationship with creation is not a political issue but part of God’s broader plan of redemption. God made humanity to love. Humanity is most at peace when it loves as God loves. Caring for creation is central to understanding our place in the universe.

Join us on Wednesday nights during Eastertide as we reflect on our role in caring for creation and consider our responsibility to love as God loves. Classes will begin on April 27 at 6:30 (after Wednesday night supper) in Gerhart Hall.

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